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North Hays County Farmer's Market Notes by Jim Donohoe

Thursday May 21, 2020
At this point I really don't know who all is looking at this page but my host says 16 unique viewers. Good start, eh?!

This idea of connecting growers/makers and buyers/consumers has given me some thought. Originally, and still very alive is the North Hays County Farmer's Market. Y'all have come up with some very good locations. Assuming there is no public place to hold a market, the next logical place would be an existing retail location, preferably with items for sale that would complement the FM vendors' goods. Some suggestions:

Thursday May, 2020
So, this discussion got started on Nextdoor when I asked if anyone would be interested in a farmers market up here. This Nextdoor group is primarily North of Fitzhugh Rd to Hamilton Pool Rd, East of the Pedernales River and West of Bee Cave. Now that may not include all interested parties residences but anyone can of course participate in the discussion.

What seems to have evolved is a desire to have a place for home gardeners to sell their excess, for neighbors to have readily accessible fresh foods, and perhaps for crafters to have a avenue to present and sell their stuff. Just to note: selling food is a non-taxable transaction whereas selling crafts very well is. So, be forewarned to get you tax number if you are a crafter!

Welcome to Fitzhugh Creek Farm and Emporium!

VeggieCrate On our farm we use only natural growing methods, so you won't find any chemical pesticides, fungicides, or insecticides used here. We only sell what we grow. We grow all that we find possible and practical. We sell what we can locally and try our best to make use of the rest, either feeding the chickens, ourselves, or the community, or returning it back to the dirt from whence it came.

We also have a certain passion about things made of wood. And though not all of the wood designs presented here are our own, we try and add some personal touch to each to create something truly unique. Check out some of the contrivances and inquire about them if you like any of them.

Horse Stuff by Jim Donohoe

There is a lot of verbiage to be dissemminated on horses. They have come to consume a whole lot of my time lately and the more I learn the more I need communication with others who share the same burden so to speak. This seems like a fairly sane place to do that since the poop from the horses feeds the compost and ultimately the market garden. Which of course feeds my pocket. A logical place to start is certainly my own experience - funny one of my first thoughts was to write about other peoples opinions on and experiences with horses, but I guess that will have to wait for a while.

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